NDSM goes green


NDSM goes green

Ahoy Amsterdam-North! Here's to a 100% sustainable NDSM dock. Ten festival organisers are joining forces with Stichting NDSM-werf, geWoonboot, Green Events Netherlands and Urban Tribes to realise a self-sufficient and totally green NDSM dock. Applause, applause for this initiative, called 'NDSM Sustainability in Action!'

You might know NDSM (Amsterdam) for its cool festivals. The place is a laboratory for artists, entrepreneurs and event organizations. Exactly the kind of people who can play an important role by inspiring others through music and art to make a transition to a sustainable society.

This is the idea: a yard running on self-generated renewable energy, where electric ferries set sail to transport visitors to waste-free and energy-neutral events. Events where we eat organic food and use recycled materials. Woah!

The initiators believe this can be accelerated by connecting festival organisators with visitors, starting Wednesday, 19 August 2015 during SAIL Amsterdam. On this event, all participants will sign an agreement… with a bang! They'll launch a sustainable power supply at the site. This makes it possible for the organisers to use solid electricity and produce their festival more sustainable.

Go forth, Amsterdam North!