Brandt & Levie's butchery


Brandt & Levie's butchery

Look at these faces. You'll meet them soon in real life, when ordering a piece of chorizo, game pie or liverwurst at Brandt & Levie's butchery. They're about to open their very own 'sausage studio' where you can follow workshops or simply buy all things sassy. The Brandt & Levie's goal is to produce the best sausage in the most sustainable way. This means they work closely with local organic farmers and use every part of the animal.

On Sunday, 12 July 2015 the most famous butcher of all, Dario Cecchini will open the Brandt & Levie butchery in Amsterdam-West. The opening is for a selected group of people, but don't you worry, the party only lasts till they're out of sausage which we expect is pretty soon, because FREE SAUSAGE.

Starting next week, you're more than welcome for a visit. Learn about making sausage from pig to product, get a taste of their produce and let the guys advice you which wurst is best for your own private sausage party at home. Ha!


Brandt & Levie's butchery
Open from Wednesday to Sunday
Archangelkade 9, Amsterdam