Celebrate Local Wood


Celebrate Local Wood

Beautiful, strong and from the block. No, we're not talking about our Strawberry Earth Academy fellows from Arco, but about their new furniture collection: Local Wood. All wood used in their tables and benches comes from trees close to their factory in Winterswijk. Celebrate Local Wood with Arco and win a holiday in the Dutch Achterhoek!

Arco likes to get everything from their neighbourhood. Even their knowledge and skills come from locals. To make sure the wood doesn't have to travel far, Arco teams up with a lumberyard around town. Of course the rest of the production process takes place in their own factory.

The collection is a hommage to wood. It's about honesty and transparency, showing the qualities of wood without hiding any imperfections. The pieces of furniture are exactly how nature created them, which leaves us wondering who the real designer is?


You might figure Arco has a thing with trees. That's why they came up with a contest to celebrate Local Wood, challenging you to photograph the most beautiful tree in your neighbourhood and share it on their Facebook page. You might win a holiday for two to the Achterhoek. Over there, it's just you, your significant other and some oaks and pine trees.