Mini workshop: a fabric from coffee


Mini workshop: a fabric from coffee

Next up in Charlie + Mary's workshop series is a fabric made of coffee grounds. This so-called S.Café® fabric comes with some great functional qualities for clothing. L'Herbe Rouge, one of the Strawberry Earth Academy fellows, designed a garment entirely based on coffee, from its yarn to the final wash. The collection was presented at Textifood Exposition Universelle Milan 2015. Sounds like a solution we can easily integrate into our continuously growing coffee drinking society, huh?

Sustainable? Si.

The exceptional features of S.Café®, like its rapid drying process as well as its odor control and protection against UV rays, are obtained by roasting the coffee beans. The interior of the bean becomes larger during roasting and creates a naturally well-ventilated yarn. S.Café® yarn is certified by bluesign®, a system determined to minimise the environmental impact throughout the textile production process.

Designing with coffee

When working with this 'coffee yarn' the designers of L'Herbe Rouge looked at the technical qualities of S.Café®, which can be adapted for knitwear. 'We have worked the yarn in the spirit of “couture knitwear". We played with the effects of accumulation and the variations of thickness, it shows how a cup of coffee is made: filters, percolators, pressed or not.'

The yarn was first twisted to make different thicknesses and textures. From there, the garment was knitted and assembled by Sophie Dalla Rosa, expert knitter and graduate of the prestigious Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. The material was then re-knitted by hand to create the final finish. Finally the garment was dyed with coffee ground. The dyes are produced in France, from recovered coffee residue (grounds).

Thirsty for coffee & clothing? Oh, snap! Unfortunately you can't find this innovative fabric in our concept store yet, but the first prototype by L'Herbe Rouge looks absolutely gorgeous. You're welcome for coffee soon.