Top 25 favourite fashion labels


Top 25 favourite fashion labels

Here you go. Twenty five fashion labels. Our favourites, so to say. Labels that turn curtains into coats. Design topnotch underwear. Or create pajamas you just want to wear all day.

A Question Of
Making sustainable living a simple choice. Now that's a mission. Danish fashion label A Question Of believes in clothing that's made with love and respect to people and planet. This forward brand likes to team up with upcoming talent, resulting in pretty cool tees. Their clean, unique designs mixed with their high standards are a great combination. Without question.

Dutch design combined with authentic African prints and craftsmanship. Afriek offers blazers, shirts and pants that make you aware of what you wear and where it came from. Kigali, Rwanda to be precise. Inspired by the country's beauty, its fabrics and talented tailors, Afriek started to compose their story. It's a story that suits!

For all you conscious snoozers out there. ALAS, an acronym for 'all light all shadow', offers pajamas made out of certified organic cotton. The cotton is grown, spun, woven and dyed in India, where the pajamas are produced as well. All pj's are respectful to people, planet and all parties involved. Phew, we can all sleep peacefully.

Alternative Apparel
Started out on the American Westcoast in 1995, today Alternative Apparel has grown into an internationally successful clothing line. At least 30% of their items are made out of organic cotton, recycled polyester and natural fibres. Of course all their employees are paid a fair wage, but hey. That should be perfectly normal, right?

Bruno Pieters - honest by
Belgian fashion designer and art director Bruno Pieters is highly regarded for his avant-garde creations and sharp tailoring, but we admired him even more when he launched 'Honest by.' It's the first company in the world to offer price transparency to their customers and to make their entire supply chain public. We have our eyes on his quilted ruffle skirt.

France. We expect this country to be filled with cigarette smoking, foie gras eating Brigitte Bardots lookalikes, but pardonnez-moi, there's Ekyog. From the sourcing of its raw materials to its production process, Ekyog is dedicated to making the planet a better place. Of course all items come with that French flare, so you can still look like Bardot, an even healthier version.

Elsien Gringhuis
Maximize the minimum! The collections of Elsien Gringhuis are completely based on sustainability. She was the first Dutch designer working with bamboo fabrics. Everything in her production process contributes to a maximum performance fashion product. Her collections are wearable, functional and have a long life span due to its quality. Long live fashion, people.

In need for a basic tee or relaxed hoodie? GeitenWollenShirts has got you covered. This label is known for their soft tees and sweaters. Basically, it's just clothing you want to pet all day. Not only it's very cuddly, the clothing is also made from organic cotton and tencel, labeled as Fair Wear and exactly what we need inside our staples.

Kings of Indigo
The Kings of Indigo use organic cotton, tencel and recycled materials, they stimulate people to repair their jeans and they re-use these jeans to create new fabrics. Their collections are inspired by American classics, designed with a Japanese eyes for detail and manufactured with the sustainable technologies of today. Let's bow to the kings!

High end fashion made from natural silk fabrics. These silk fabrics are handwoven in North-East India and helps to keep the traditional silk farming alive. This way, KISS AND TELL creates fair jobs for weavers and farmers and provides a living for many Indian families. If you like topnotch fashion with topnotch standards, here's your new address.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel
The Danish brand Knowledge Cotton Apparel deserves some credits; they've been pioneers in the field of fashion and accessories since 1969. They've produced clothing and accessories in a planet-friendly manner ever since. You need proof? They only use 1 litre of water to manufacture a pair of trousers, instead of the regular 65 litres. Ha!

Certified Fairtrade organic fashion that is ethically and sustainably made from seed to garment. Kowtow from New-Zealand only uses 100% organic and fair trade cotton to make their collection of classic fashion silhouettes. Looking for timeless basics? Check out their 'Building Blocks' collection, these pieces can be paired with anything or worn as separates.

L'Herbe Rouge
Un autre mode est possible! Yep, L'Herbe Rouge proves you can combine ethics with aesthetics. No pesticides, herbicides or harmful dyes are used. Their recycled yarns come from old knitwear and are recovered by social organizations. No wonder this French fashion label has been awarded with the Sustainability Start-Up Award of La Poste and Maisons de Mode. Ooh la la!

Man, we like this menswear label. LaurenceAirline brings us timeless basics with deep African roots. Re-imagining the African continent's cultural inheritance in a way that fashion and ethnic cultures can successfully collaborate to create possibilities for the future is the driving force behind the label. Bold prints, colourful fabrics, for sure you'll look superfly.

Lisa Konno
Lisa Konno, our tenth Very Berry Person, developed a passion for sustainability during her studies. Today it's her personal mission to make sustainability fashionable. At Amsterdam Fashion Week 2015 she debuted with an anti sweatshop statement.'For The Workers' is a tribute to the victims of the collapsed Bangladesh clothing factory. Keep an eye on this girl!

NŌN by Kim
NŌN by Kim combines soft colours with strong, manly silhouettes. In 2014 she presented two fashion lines in Amsterdam: 'Zero' a seasonal menswear collection for FW 14/15 and 'Nōn Essentials', a collection of jersey basics made from 100% organic cotton. Nōn by Kim works with producers in Portugal and uses organic cotton, recycled wool cashmere and dead stock fabrics.

Nudie Jeans
Nudie Jeans has nothing to hide, their blog is called 'the naked truth' for a reason. Their denim is very durable and lasts for years. Made out of organic cotton, Nudie makes sure you get the best out of your jeans. They even recommend wearing them your jeans for six months before doing a first wash. As Christina Aguilera would say: let's get dirty.

People Tree
From best organic textile product to best critical brand: award winning label People Tree know what they're doing. Designing beautiful garments while making a beautiful change somewhere else in the world. They're supporting developing countries and setting an example of a Fair Trade model, while you are looking award winning good.

Hey kids. Check out Danish label Popupshop. These true social and environmental entrepreneurs make fair products for both the consumers and for the people involved in all stages of production. Their products are basic, classic and always in style. An affordable, logic natural and logic choice for women and their tiny humans.

Stella Jean
A Rome based fashion label. Every season Stella Jean turns to a new geographic area in order to find colors, patterns, prints, and general atmosphere. She mixes up worlds, but restores harmony at the same time. Stella Jean teams up with the Ethical Fashion Initiative to reestablish the balance between symbols, stories and different worlds through style.

Studio JUX
Studio JUX comes from Jux und Tollerei: German for having fun. Because that's how fashion should be. Fun for you AND the makers. Studio JUX, named 'outstanded' by VOGUE Italy, designs collections from innovative materials, woodsilk for example. They even own a studio where 27 people work: this counts for 3% of the clothing export in Nepal, super toll.

Swedish Stockings
Stockings are made of petroleum and non-degradable materials, so we better re-use this stuff! Luckily, Swedish Stockings are made of recycled yarn. The label from up north believes sustainability can be achieved with great design and quality. Hear, hear. Our favourite pantyhose? Filippa Dots. Or Nina Fishbone.

The Danes have created a fantastic sustainable underwear label and stolen our hearts in the process. Underprotection offers affordable, yet luxury underwear for both men and women, made from materials as bamboo, soy and organic cotton. This label not only protects what's down under, but also the the local working circumstances in their factories in India.

Uniforms for the Dedicated
This menswear line relates to nature's scarce resources and the sensitiveness of the environment. By mixing timeless design with innovative fabrics, Uniforms for the Dedicated develops modern classics made to sustain over time. By 2018 the label aims to solely use fabrics based on recycled fibers and the latest innovations. Some call it ambitious, others call it dedicated.

Dutch woolen blankets, vintage curtains… WINTERVACHT makes clothing from secondhand materials. Materials that have proven and kept their quality. Of course all curtains and blankets are being washed and ironed before ending up as a coat. Because everything is produced by hands, their clothing comes in limited editions. Get your own unique curtain-coat now!

You might think the Germans are great with cars, they also happen to be extraordinary in fashion. Wunderwerk is a great example. This label combines fashionable design with a comfortable fit and sustainable technologies throughout the entire production and supply chain. All is wunderbar by Wunderwerk.

Please note composing this list wasn't a picnic. Because the list of forward thinking fashion labels is continuously growing, hurrah, it was quite hard to 'just' pick twenty five. Of course there are many other initiatives, such as vintage stores, clothing libraries and online market places. This is just a selection, showing how easy it is to make sustainable choices.