Five bubbling projects


Five bubbling projects

The works of Studio Sybrandy make us bubble with joy. 'Infinite Finitude' is an in-depth research about the soap bubble, incorporating its shape and technique as well as its symbolic meaning. It's a symbol of vanitas: bubbles burst and dissolve into nothingness. However, the act of making soap bubbles is light and joyful. All projects in this research are playful, yet they make us aware of our fragile existence. We better enjoy our days on Planet E. With tea towels, for example.

In our society we're always connected and sharing information. Data, instant messaging and news feeds have colonized our home. It made Studio Sybrandy wonder: is it even possible to disconnect, be offline and remain in our own bubble? The Bubblewrap isolates you from the hustle and bustle, mutes noise and makes time stand still.

Powers of soap
Can tea towels be beautiful? Hell yes. In this series of tea towels the soap bubble is represented in different dimensions. The tea towels also refer to the bubbles that you're absorbing while drying the dishes. These soap bubbles dissolve in the towel and naturally become a part of the image. Doing dishes almost become a fun thing to do. Almost.

In this woolen blanket the cosmos is adapted to human size. It resembles a supernova: the dust cloud that's left when a star dies and explodes. Studio Sybrandy used a glow in the dark yarn which makes the blanket even more dreamy. We just want to crawl underneath this Supernova and think about the the immeasurable vastness of the universe.

The becoming of today
The present is a moment where events of the past and wishes for the future come together. Sybrandy took family photographs that represent moments from previous lives. We use them to project our dreams for the future. The bubbles on the photographs work as a distortion, creating new temporalities and embodying life's ephemerality.

Double Bubble
Have you ever looked at the soap-film of a bubble? It shows a spectacular colour pallet by reflecting the light from two surfaces. In a table damask, this specific quality of reflection is brought forward through a weft that creates an extra luster. The luster will shine during the dinner, creating a luminescence for the shared meal and the shared stories. Wowsers.