Cleantech Playground


Cleantech Playground

All hands in the air! De Ceuvel in Amsterdam is turning one this Saturday, 20 June 2015. As the summer kicks off, De Ceuvel celebrates its one-year anniversary with a programme around clean technologies, sustainability, interactive games, a beer brewery and live music. This Cleantech Playground is an initiative from Metabolic and promises to be one unforgettable event. Seriously: there's vodka from potatoes…

If you never hopped on the ferry to Amsterdam North, here's an introduction to De Ceuvel. This unique office park is being used to process waste, generate energy and produce food locally. We totally recommend to stop by their cafe and have lunch at one of their boats that also happen to be tables.

On the opening day of the Cleantech Playground, there will be games, workshops and talks on sustainability. From 12:00 - 17:00 you can expect interactive sessions in the boats and from 18:00 there will be music and live acts to prep you for the official celebration.

At 24:00, the party is ON.

What? Cleantech Playground
When? Saturday, 20 June 2015, starting at 12:00
Where? De Ceuvel, Korte Papaverweg 2-6, Amsterdam
Pesos? 0,-