Win Parade tickets with Melt


Win Parade tickets with Melt

Remember having alphabet-soup or Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes when you were eight and a half? Adult life just got a little bit better, because at festival De Parade you can have ice pops in the shape of that classic carousel, or the Parade-birdy! Yes, you can!

World peace on a regional scale, as Amsterdam and Rotterdam collaborate to create handmade fresh lemonade ice pops in 3D shapes. The 3D-printing popsicle makers Melt Icepops (from Amsterdam) and lemonade-sensation Pinkyrose (from Rotterdam), bring you 100% natural lemonade ice cream. Nothing artificial, as the fruits and herbs are hand pressed and turned into flavors like Straight Lemon, Spiced Lemon & Rose, Floral Ginger & Orange and Dark Caramel Sea Salt.

Melt Icepops use a 3D-printer to create popsicles in any possible shape. How about Louis van Gaal-ice cream? Or Hans Kazan, for that matter. No problem! Or maybe you fancy a flamingo, a Tony Chocolonely-bar or the TedX logo. Been there, done that, darling.

About the contest

So, how can you win 2 tickets to the Parade festival in Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht or Amsterdam? Let us know what kind of shape you would like your 3D-printed ice pops should have. Simply take a picture of whatever it is you'd like your popsicle to be shaped as. The world on a stick, the sky is the limit, anything can be ice (ice, baby). Send your picture to (o.v.v. #alleskaneenijsjezijn) before June 30.