Very Berry People #16


Very Berry People #16

Not all those who wander are lost. Tolkien suddenly popped up in our heads when we met Lisanne Fransen. This Dutch girl moved about fifteen times and is currently based in Stockholm. However, we bumped into her at the Ventura Lambrate in Milano, where she used to work for years. She doesn't own a lot of stuff, except for a vintage desk. “Home is not where your belongings are, it's where you feel connected."

During her time at the design district, Lisanne started to wonder how the future of design would look like. “I came across this article on biodesign by Paola Antonelli and it was so impressive to see designers use their imagination to translate science, technology or research into speculative products. Products that are not for sale yet, but already show new possibilities. Like these chairs made out of plastics waste floating in our sea by Studio Swine."

Every now and then Lisanne leaves the Swedish capital to find inspiration in nature herself. “One of the things that makes Sweden such a great country to live in, is how easy it is to go into the wild. In fifteen minutes you can be surrounded by nothing but trees. Did you know twenty seconds in nature already brings peace to the mind? It's because of the organic shapes. Shapes we don't find in cities."

Back in town, Lisanne is busy composing her own exhibition 'Domestic Futures', which we can visit from Friday, 18 September till Sunday 15 November 2015 at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. The exhibition will present the future of household products and how these new products will influence our rhythm and day to day life at home, accompanied by a seminar with Anthony Dunne, former head of the Design Interactions programme at the Royal College of Art in London.

The exhibition will get us an idea about how we will live our lives in the nearby future. Together we will wander. But our journeys are always with purpose.