A tailor on demand


A tailor on demand

Your tailor, your rockstar. First Studio JUX showed you who made your clothes, now zTailors is connecting customers with tailors straight away. zTailors is an on-demand personal tailoring service that brings you a network of the best tailors in the business. Their skills, accountability and references have been checked. “It's Uber for tailors" founder George Zimmer says.

Not only is it very handy to have a tailor around (if you burst out of your pants), it's also an investment in your wardrobe and - get out the violins - society. Wait, what? Yep. Tailoring your items makes them last longer and fit perfectly. You don't throw away clothing so easily anymore. Hip hip hurrah for less waste.

Also: every tailor on zTailors is treated like an honoured professional. All craftsmen are given more opportunities and flexibility in their businesses, while you can discover the new wardrobe that has been hiding inside your closet. Book, tailor & shine.

Over 600 tailors have joined zTailors in 2014. By the end of this year the service will be available in all over the United States. That leaves us one question. When will zTailors cross the ocean?

Photograph: Things Organized Neatly