A guide to Copenhagen


A guide to Copenhagen

Oh Copenhagen, you make us want to eat cinnamon buns 24/7, plus your language inspired us to ådd møre fun tø our ålphåbet. After visiting the Danish capital for the third time, we've made the decision to no longer keep this city to ourselves. The Nørrebro district is just too good. Hereby our tips for places to eat porridge, drink coffee or øl (sorry about that) and shops where you can buy clothing and cacti. Aiaiai.

It's a porridge cafe! We recommend to order oatmeal porridge with apple and caramel sauce in the morning, risotto with leek for lunch and in the evening you should dig in a vegetarian congee. Grød serves organic food with seasonal produce, delicious at every time of the day.
Jægersborggade 50


Meyer's bageri
Line up people. At Meyer's there's only room for five people, so chances are you'll have to wait outside. Over here, you can buy organic bread, freshly ground flour and pastries. Their 'kanelsnurrer' is out of this world. Also in proportion. It also proved to be a great souvenir.
Jægersborggade 9

Photograph: Nordic Avenue

The Coffee Collective
On the other side of the street, award winning coffee is being roasted and served. The Coffee Collective aims to set new standards for coffee, exploring potentials from seed to cup. And with the knowledge of their direct trade model, their coffee even tastes better.
Jægersborggade 10


Kaktus København
Imagine a shop filled with tiny-needle plants. Kaktus København is an ode to one of our favourite green friends. The place is beautifully designed and offers the entire cactus package: posters, sculptures and other merchandise.
Jægersborggade 35


Wait, another tip in the same street? The Jaegersborggade simply has it all. Sustainable fashion as well. Tricotage's own collection consists of organic cotton wearables. They also stock other brands that combine ethics with aesthetics. Good for the world, bad for your wallet.
Jægersborggade 15

Tricotage store_jbg.jpg

This organic bakery and cafe opened last year and they've already developed a signature croissant. The flour they use for their breads is a mix of locally grown, stone-ground flour mixed with an import from an organic mill in Piemonte, which sounds really cool and tastes even better.
Guldbergsgade 29


Assistens Kirkegård
OK, this may sounds weird, but we totally recommend to enjoy a picknick at this cemetery. At first, it's a bit strange to hang between living and dead souls, but over here it's perfectly normal. Also pay Hans Christian Andersen a visit while you're there.
Kapelvej 4


Mikkeller & Friends
Besides bars in San Francisco, Bangkok and Stockholm, Mikkeller is good represented in their home town. Mikkeller & Friends is their biggest bar in Copenhagen, offering more beers than you can drink, or your friends can drink. They have 40 beers on tap and over 200 on the menu, some are organic or gluten free.
Stefansgade 35


Watch out Amsterdam, Copenhagen has earned a reputation as the most bicycle-friendly in the world. Yep, every day 1.3 million kilometers are cycled in CPH, true story. So make sure to hop on a bike to see some places outside Nørrebro (the little mermaid, Christiana, Nyhavn).


However, you should end your day in Copenhagen where you began. At Relae, in the Jægersborggade, to be more precise. The restaurant is set up by two alumni of Noma and around 90 to 100% of their ingredients are organic. They even serve meals for omnivors, herbivors and 'lets-try-it-all-vores'.
Jægersborggade 41