Become a tree!


Become a tree!

We're already remaking the way we make things, but why aren't we using this cradle-to-cradle method when WE have reached the ends of our lives? The Bios Urn is a fully biodegradable urn, designed to turn you into a tree after life. Let's go to infinity and beyond!

Sure, it's very sad to leave our loved ones, but how cool is it to transform into a pine / beech / ash / gingko / maple tree? It's natural and sustainable. And because you're returning to life by means of nature, it's a great way to be remembered. Goodbye cemeteries, hello forests!

If you're not planning to die anytime soon, you can still get a Bios Urn because it doesn't have an expiration date. And if you want to be a tree, but you don't want an urn in your closet waiting for you, you can join 'the tree lovers'. This app allows you to share your last will (please turn me into a gingko tree and don't read my diary!) with your friends.

Oh, there are Bios Urns for both humans and pets. So even your dog can turn into a tree and you can still give him water. Ahhh.