Salone del Mobile top 6


Salone del Mobile top 6

Last week Mette and Melissa were wandering the streets of Ventura Lambrate during the Salone del Mobile. Next to checking out the work of Strawberry Earth Academy fellows Klaas Kuiken, Mae Engelgeer, Buro BELÉN, Weltevree, Arco, Marjan van Aubel and De Vorm, they've met a lot of other talented designers in Milan with world changing ideas. It wasn't quite easy, but the girls listed their top 6.

1 Christien Meindertsma
For this stunning looking chair, Christien joined forces with Enkev: a company specialized in natural fibres. The materials? Flax and bioplastics. At Label Breed you can read more about this project and check out other designers who teamed up with different factories.


2 Ineke van der Werff
When glass is being recycled, there's always rest gravel left. Ineke took this 'rest material' as the base for a brand new cup. At Salone del Mobile, she showed us her collection of waste glass cups. Upcycling at it's best!


3 Rope Hope
This initiative by Belgian designer Sep Verboom is a social and green project. Rope Hope turns discarded shipping ropes from the Philippines into a series of handwoven products. Stools, lamps, all product find hope in rope.


4 Studio Sybrandy
'Infinite Finitude' is an in-depth research by Studio Sybrandy about the soap bubble, incorporating its shape and technique as well as its symbolic meaning. The organic cotton towels and ceramics made us bubble with joy.


5 Stine Weigelt
An original take on the 'Tipping Point' from Stine Weigelt. A Tipping Point is 'that moment when an idea, trend or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.' Stine made 'The Tipping Point' visual and shows how a small change can tip everything... In both good and bad ways.


6 Blond & Bieber
'Algaemy' investigates the potential of micro algae in textile-printing. Blond & Bieber developed a living colour palette that changes over time. From green to blue and from pink to red and eventually orange. These Algaemy shoes are definitely on our wish list!


More stories from Salone del Mobile will follow soon. But first: check out the work of Weltevree in Milan!