Charlie + Mary's local heroes


Charlie + Mary's local heroes

Charlie + Mary would like to introduce you to some new local heroes they teamed up with. Meet Lissa Mackie, Charlie's mum (oh yes!) and Amsterdam's curators of great coffee: The Coffeevine!

Pottery by Charlie's mum

Charlie's mum Alice found out she had a talent for making ceramics at the art academy. It didn't take long before Charlie got her mum convinced to produce pottery wares for our shop in de Pijp! Now we stock a gorgeous collection of blue and grey pottery in our store. Small cups and big muesli bowls. Mat and shiny. Alice designs and produces it all!

Organic deo made in Amsterdam

Bliss is founded by Lissa Mackie and is the result of her quest for a harmless deodorant that simply works! After being disappointed by a lot of deodorants, she decided to make her own. Thanks Lissa, for developing this organic (and effective!) deodorant with no aluminum chlorohydrate and parabens to be found.

Curators of great coffee

The Coffeevine is known for it's subscription service, that introduces you to filter coffees from three outstanding roasters every month. Did you run out of beans? Or do you simply want to try one of The Coffeevine's carefully selected coffees? As we're practically neighbours, The Coffeevine has filled our counter with fragrant and delicious bags (150g) of coffee. We highly recommend to start your morning with "a perfect cuppa joe". No subscription needed.

Art by Fei Alexeli

Oh! Don't forget to visit the exhibition of Fei Alexeli. Until Tuesday, 30 June 2015 you can check out the work of this Greek artist on our walls.