The Clean Cookstove


The Clean Cookstove

Hey, look at us, prepping 'risotto bianco' in the park. We're just throwing stuff in our portable cookstove, acting like Jamie Oliver in a garden in Tuscany. The COOX Black doesn't only taste a whole lot better than a burned burger, it also reduces smoke and CO2 emissions. Hurry to their crowdfunding campaign on Oneplanetcrowd (it lasts for 9 more days) to buy one and give one before tropical temperatures hit town.

COOX is a so called 'clean cookstove' by HIER Klimaatbureau. It was originally designed for households in developing countries. Almost a third of the world population still cooks on open fire, which causes more lives to end than malaria, aids and TB all together. COOX needs 50% less wood and produces almost no smoke. Last year 1380 of these cookstoves were sold, saving the same amount of CO2 if we stopped driving our cars for 4000 years. Now that's what we like to call a fun fact.

Grilling, stir-frying, cooking, baking. The Black COOX has more skills than the average tv-chef, instead COOX gives you all the credits. You can bring the cookstove to a picknick, park date or barbecue, if it's a bring-your-own-booze-and-bbq kind of event. Prepare for people lining up, because if you bring a Black COOX, it's like you're kind of organizing your own food festival.

Now do good. And eat better. Buy a Black COOX at Oneplanetcrowd and give one to an African or Indian family. Over at you can choose your investment. From a small donation to an ALL IN ONE FAN DEAL, it's your call. There are even packages with branded aprons, but we'd like to keep our Jamie O. performance as realistic as possible. A lumberjack will do.