Sundays are for food festivals


Sundays are for food festivals

Eating is our main activity on Sundays. Same goes for a lot of other folks, as food festivals on Sundays are popping up through The Netherlands and Belgium. Our three tips for upcoming Sunday, 19 April:

Antwerp: Swan Market
This initiative from Rotterdam is going abroad. For the 1st time in 2015, the Swan Market takes places in Antwerp. This lifestyle market offers art, vintage, home accessoires and food. Eating while shopping, it's a combination you should try.

Amsterdam: NeighbourFood Market
Every 3rd Sunday of the month, we have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the NeighbourFood Market in Amsterdam. We simply sink into one of the couches and order English pies, Spanish empanadas and Dutch beers. The world is represented, but they're all neighbours to us.

Dordrecht: Pop-Up Market
In the oldest city of The Netherlands, there's a lot to see. Burgers, cakes, cappuccinos. The food truck 'Manic Organic' already made us smile. They will take care of your healthy cravings: couscous and veggie burgers plus 'Straight Lemon Vocktails'. Cheers to the weekend!