Very Berry People #14


Very Berry People #14

Food. It's simple. Delicious. And one of our society's biggest challenges. In front of a cake filled counter at coffee bar Berry, we meet Joszi, director of the Youth Food Movement. The movement organizes all kinds of events in order to create a healthier food system. Eat-ins, Food Film Festivals, debates and the YFM Academy. Joszi: “We want to make people aware of what they eat. Plus we connect them to other people in the food chain."

Before leading a movement (imagine a job description likes this on your LinkedIn) Joszi was a producer at Studio/K. She teamed up with YFM to set up the first Food Film Festival (“watch 'Mugaritz BSO', it's an ode to food"). Later Joszi joined the YFM Academy. “I met a farmer who wanted to be all organic, so he needed to stop feeding his pigs waste from the non-organic farm next-door. He started giving them organic cattle feed, imported from South-America. Now tell me. What's more sustainable? At the Academy I learned to see things not just in black and white."

Every year farmers, students and activists join the YFM Academy, but also employees from multi-nationals, everybody who's willing to change the chain, is welcome. “We bring together people with different fields of expertise. By arranging these meetings, exciting new projects happen." YFM started out in Amsterdam, but the movement has spread to more cities: Utrecht, Zwolle, Groningen. “I think people want to be part of something bigger. They want to do good and feel good."

Joszi got her own epiphany in the mountains of New-Zealand, years ago. “I needed this place to keep on existing. I simply need nature. When I'm in town too long, I get grumpy and hop on a train to the outdoors. Nature just is hyperintelligent. Did you know 2015 is the 'international year of soils?' You need to watch 'Bodemboeren', this movie teaches us all about soils. Isn't it strange we know much more about the star-system than soils? If you invest in it, soil can absorb CO2. Even with cows all over the place."

Hungry for more? Meet Joszi at one of YFM's events.