Sex toys for plants


Sex toys for plants

A buttplug for your cactus?! Well, almost… Eindhoven based design agency PSX Consultancy came up with a concept that helps plants to reproduce themselves. They give small pleasure to the planted! You can discover all of their sex toys in the exhibition 'The Plant Sex Consultancy' in Eindhoven.

One of PSX Consultancy's 'clients' was the cyclamen. This plant needed bees to spread her seeds, but since bees are disappearing fast the cyclamen could use a little help with her 'sex life'. The designers invented a vibrating head that shakes up the cyclamen's pollen and spreads the seeds. No bees needed.

PSX Consultancy invites all plants with reproduction problems for a consultation. Together with biologists they'll bring a sexy solution for their botanical problems. You're invited too! Not to share your sex problems, but to check out all toys.

What? The Plant Sex Consultancy
When? 6 March - 1 May 2015
Where? Baltan Laboratories, Kastanjelaan 500, Eindhoven