Get Be.e on the road!


Get Be.e on the road!

Robust. Iconic. Easy handling. Are we describing some sort of mutated super human? No, it's Be.e! Be.e is world's first bio-based electric scooter. This scooter by Van.eko is designed by Waarmakers and made from renewable resources. You can invest in this next generation mobility concept for 16 more days. You even have a shot of winning one.

The sustainable materials and high-end technology create a compelling driving experience. Right now, Van.eko is seeking € 70.000 through a crowdfunding campaign to finalize the design engineering and for the Type approval procedure.

How cool would it be if Be.e goes into production and on the roads?! Backing this project is easy. For every investment of € 20,- you get a share in Van.Eko, but also a chance to win this Be.eautiful vehicle.

Fingers crossed.