Our tips for Culy Food Festival


Our tips for Culy Food Festival

Chocolate, beer, sausages. Whoever thought Easter was about cooked, poached and painted eggs, should pay a visit to Culy Food Festival next weekend. This festival on 4 and 5 April 2015 is a hommage to all things we'd like to stuff ourselves with. Culy Food Festival takes place in Sugarcity. Sounds promising.

Our festival tips:

Brandt & Levie's butchery
Meet some meat! At Culy Food Festival you can step into Brandt & Levie's butchery. Learn about how their products are made, while enjoying a tasting plate at the same time. Oh, and their famous hotdogs are for sale too!

Food Film Festival documentaries
Every day from 13:00 - 18:00 you can visit the culinary cinema. Food Film Festival picked their favourite movies and arranged some lazy couches to sink into. Of course you can bring snacks. Cinema visits are included in the entrance price.

Chocolate tastings
Let's see. Ethiopian milk chocolate with a hint of caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt? Tony's Chocolonely organizes chocolate tastings, where you can develop your taste buds while eating all kinds of chocol-HELLO, where can we sign in?

Veggie bingo
Parsnip, anybody? Bingo! The 'forgotten vegetables bingo' reveals true foodies. Who recognizes the chioggia beet, Jerusalem artichoke or parsley root? Hopefully you'll be rewarded in food.

Beer o'clock
Both Gulpener and Oedipus Brewery host beer tastings. Organic brewery Gulpener will guide you from light beers to heavier ones and tell you all about it. Oedipus Brewery will present you in 45 minutes their best local beers and stories.

The band KOFFIE
You might know KOFFIE for their performance at the Strawberry Earth Fair. KOFFIE's music can be described as a mix of afrobeat, jazz and 70′s funk. Their energetic songs and uplifting beats get every crowd moving. We suddenly see the resemblance with our favourite morning drink.