Six days into raw nature


Six days into raw nature

No stress, no phone calls, no office politics. In six days 15 men discover what remains of them when being stripped of the distractions of daily lives. In 2015 Elements Expeditions will go to Norway and Albania. Places where it is easy to be surrounded by nature and nothing but nature. Will you join them off the beaten path?

Elements Expeditions organizes trips for men only. They believe there is something about men that can only be found amongst men. These trips into raw nature give participants a shot of reconnecting with their core. Roles, status and work don't matter. It's no 'discover your inner Fred Flintstone' kind of trip, it's more like Survivor Man, without a camera or production team.

In Norway, from 12 - 17 September 2015, Elements Expeditions goes hunting, fishing and exploring. Traditional fishing techniques and lessons in catching prey will be taught and experienced. No catch means no dinner. Nothing to yabba-dabba-doo about. This program really lets §*participants experience what it means to live off the land.

Two months earlier, Elements will lead an expedition to Europe's roughest edge. Albania. From 27 June - 2 July, we will do nothing but eating, sleeping and walking. During this expedition, meals are taken care of. We will enjoy local, fresh, organic produce and sleep in mountain huts or under the stars. It's only us and nature.

Perhaps you are, or know a man who you would love to experience this, to unplug, to reconnect and to come back energized. Perhaps your lover, a friend or a colleague.

Back home participants will feel rested. Energized. And fully evolved.