5 x veggie food blogs


5 x veggie food blogs

What's cooking? Next to prepping the first Strawberry Earth Academy seminar (21 May), we're quite busy with thinking about food. Or eating food. Or thinking about eating food. These five blogs are our favourites. Vegetarian, wholesome and scrumptious.

Amy Chaplin
This former executive chef of New York's renowned vegan restaurant Angelica has built quite a reputation in the last two decades. Amy has worked in Amsterdam, London and Sydney, presenting the world food inspired by nature and the healing benefits of wholesome ingredients. On her blog and in her book she celebrates the art of eating well.

Green Kitchen Stories
Welcome to the green kitchen of David and Luise. This is where a Swedish couple cooks vegetarian food with natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruits and vegetables. Most recipes are inspired by their trips, based on the people they've met and the ingredients they've come across and then adapted to their preferences. Korean lettuce wraps anybody?

My New Roots
Sarah Britton is about to release her first cookbook. Soon 'My New Roots: Inspired Plant Based Recipes for Every Season' will be landing in stores, homes and hands. Sarah is a holistic nutritionist and former cook of Noma Copenhagen. Her recipes come with funny stories. Lesson: if your lover thinks the granola is burnt (because: chocolate granola), keep it to yourself.

In the making by Belén
Belén Vázquez Amaro is originally from Spain, but lives in Sweden. She is a yoga instructor, stylist and recipe developer. These skills make her embracing food as both physical and mental nourishment. Belén believes we should focus on the total package: not only the food we eat, but also the way we breath and the attitude we have. All without compromising taste and pleasure.

Food Bandits
Last but not least a blog from our own homeland. This blog is as fresh as the ingredients being used. In 2014, Johann and Suus started sharing the things they love to dig into. Pancakes, banana bread, cinnamon buns. All (refined) sugar free and mostly vegan and glutenfree. Their latest recipes are written in Dutch and English.

Not vegetarian. Still worth sharing:

Drizzle and Dip
Sam is a professional food stylist, recipe developer and food photographer based in Cape Town. She hunts down the delicious things in life and captures them on her blog. She shares Michael Pollan's sentiment (eat food, not too much, mainly plants) but likes to dig in a lamb pie or squid ink ravioli every now and then. Sam has two cooking books: 'Drizzle and Dip' plus 'Sweets'.

Photograph: Green Kitchen Stories