Mini workshop: recycled fibres


Mini workshop: recycled fibres

After highlighting innovative fabrics like edelweiss modal, jute and tencel, Charlie + Mary take a closer look at recycled fabrics this week. How can the fashion industry cope with the huge amount of landfill it has caused? Can we co-operate with other industries to deal with all the plastic waste? Recycled fabrics it is, today in Charlie + Mary's sustainable fabric series.

A sustainable solution

Recycled fabrics reduce the need for raw materials to create new clothes. It also cuts down demand for landfill space, as textiles take a huge part in landfill related problems. For example: synthetic fibres do not decompose.

Stockings & Raincoats

The Swedish stockings are made of recycled yarn. Quite important. Because stockings are made of petroleum and non-degradable materials, we better re-use the stuff.

This raincoat by Knowledge Cotton Apparel is made of used (PET) drinking bottles. PET is a type of plastic derived from petroleum, used to make soft drinking bottles. PET polyester is very resilient, quick drying and easy to wash while remaining its shape. But... it takes 500 years for a PET bottle to decompose, so it's a material we must use again.

L'Herbe Rouge's 'orphan socks' are made in France out of recycled yarn from mismatched socks. O so clever!

Of course some production processes aren't 100% eco just yet, but we're getting closer and closer to a recycling process that is all innovative and clean. Swedish stockings is leading the way. Their stockings are produced in a factory in Italy, that is for a large part driven by solar cell panels. Also: the water used in their dyeing process is purified.

Fantastisk jobb, Svenska vänner!