World’s first mushroom surfboard


World’s first mushroom surfboard

If listening to the Beach Boys makes you feel wild and free, you've never stepped on a surfboard apparently. Surfing gets us all one with nature and stuff, but the strange thing is: surfboards are usually made of materials that aren't any good for the oceans at all. Cheer up, dudes: Surf Organic Boards has been developing the first natural, biodegradable and sustainable surfboard. You can fund this magical mushroom project here.

Mycelium chairs, mycelium lamps and now mycelium surfboards. Mycelium, the roots of fungi, must be in the running for some kind of material of the future award. Man o man, there are so much more possibilities for fungi than pizza toppings only. A mushroom surfboard starts as a bag of mulch (a mixture of hemp & corn agricultural byproduct, stems & stalks) inoculated with the mushroom mycelium. In 10 days the mushroom has eaten a majority of the agricultural byproduct and bound with the rest. A couple of days later, we can ride the waves.

Surf Organic Boards (Surfo for insiders) has the firm belief that their surfboards can eventually replace oil based, toxic, foam surfboards. What they need to get there, is funding to continue their work, get a better workspace, and make it conducive for primitive sized mushroom growing. You can back these guys on their progress towards making this a marketable surfboard. Their crowdfunding campaign lasts for 16 more days.

Be one with the oceans. Together with your surfboard.

Photography: Kenny Hurtado for Freunde von Freunden