A day in Groningen


A day in Groningen

From London to Groningen. With their fashion agency Charlie + Mary travel through the Benelux to promote TRUE fashion and find the nicest stockists for the labels they represent. Get to know a few of their sustainable hotspots in the Benelux series. This week: all the way up North - in Groningen.


1.) Koko Toko is a feel good store in the heart of Groningen with a range of fair fashion labels and organic products. 2.) Another concept store for shopping and coffee is HOLTBAR. The name is inspired by the Danish translation of sustainable; hold. 3.) Other nice addresses are Diezijner (l'Herbe Rouge, People Tree & Wunderwerk), Oddity (People Tree) and Schone Zaken (Wunderwerk).

Food & drinks

Toet is all about desserts. The ingredients are vegan, seasonal and locally produced if possible. Oh! They also serve slow coffee from Koffiestation and organic juices.

Go Groningen!