Win a green roof!


Win a green roof!

Looking for new roommates? How about birds, bees and basil plants? With a green roof from Rooflife your building has its own little ecosystem. If you'd like a bit of nature in between all concrete buildings, send us a picture of your roof. You might get a lot of new roomies.

Sure. Cities have cinemas on biking distance, booze shops that are open 24/7 and more coffee joints than you can visit. But also: never ending noise, exhaust gasses that fill your lungs and a overall lack of colour. Luckily Rooflife is here to turn grey into green and to bring you a quiet little oase in between the madness.

The team of Rooflife has its roots in roof techniques. By combining their specialized forces they offer green roofs, but also roof gardens, sunroofs and roof terraces.

A green roof is a roof where different types of herbs grow. It's very energy efficient, as it is a natural isolation. It also prolongs the lifespan of your roofing and makes your house more valuable. Ka-ching-a-ling!

How to welcome flora and fauna upstairs? Mail a picture of your roof to hello[AT] so the folks of Rooflife can see which roof is in desperate need of some liveliness. Attention all birds and earthworms: there's a new green roof in town.

You can enter the competition if:

  • The roof is not bigger than 12 square meters
  • The roof can handle 150 kilos per square meter
  • The slope is less than 30 degrees
  • You're living in Amsterdam and surroundings
Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blogfor other cool stuff and win, win, win!