Very Berry People no. 11


Very Berry People no. 11

In the following editions of Very Berry People, we'll introduce you to all Strawberry Earth Academy fellows. First up is Simon, half of product design duo Waarmakers. Simon looks forward to team up with experts from other fields. "What if we came up with a whole new type of biodiversity?"

Simon believes the fellows can give each other new perspectives. "I will share my experience and point of view as an engineer. It might inspire others to see things differently. Just like others will change my perspective with their knowledge. If all professions join forces, we can start inventing."

When it comes to inventing new products, Simon and Maarten from Waarmakers question everything. Their products should always contribute to positive and social behavior. Goedzak (do good bag) for example, is a transparant garbage bag you can use to offer products you don't need to your neighbors. "Our first pilot project in Eindhoven was quite a success. Right now we're optimizing the pilot with our lessons learned."

Goedzak not only stimulates a sharing community, it also visualizes entire neighborhoods. "I'm sure we'll collect total different things in every area." Personally, we can't wait for a 'Goedzak exhibition' with infographics about all neighborhoods and a cabinet of curiosity of course. "In Eindhoven somebody shared the joy of 'Fifty shades of grey'."

Photography: Yuki Kho