5 Gifts for our Valentines


5 Gifts for our Valentines

Show your love… with a screwdriver! Yep, this Saturday it's time to surprise your significant other. Five tips for him and her:

1 Relaxing massage
Treat your hard working guy or girl to a seventy-minute massage at Nana Martojo's. Nana's massages focus on a healthy body and clear mind. Now you can buy a massage with discount in our shop! Happy lover, happy wallet.
From € 54 for € 39 at strawberryearth.com

2 Chopping board
Prepare your Valentine's meal on a tree that used to grow around the corner. The Stadsplanken (City Boards) by Gewoon Hout are made from Amsterdam trees. On every chopping board you'll find the exact roots of the tree. So when you're finished dinner, you can go for a midnight stroll…
€ 35 at gewoonhout.nl

3 Socks
Keep your lover warm with a pair of socks! Fashion label L'Herbe Rouge collaborated with stylist Marcia de Carvalho in a so called 'orphan socks project' to give a second life to mismatched socks. So warm and comfy. It's going to be one hot Valentine's Day.
Size 37 - 42, € 29 at charliemary.com

4 Screwdriver set
What's romantic about a screwdriver? Well, this one is produced in a very loving way by Elementary Design. It's made from beech and finished by dipping in linseed oil. The simple and clean design makes it a beautiful gift, even for a not so handy (wo)man.
€ 40 at charliemary.com

5 Coffee and chocolate
Rather spend some time together than handing out gifts? Head over to Berry Amsterdam this Saturday for a double chocolate brownie and cappuccino. We'll ask Tiemen to practice his latte (he)art skills. All is made with… yes, love.

Illustration: Robin Davey