The Academy fellows are...


The Academy fellows are...

Breaking. We are revealing the class of the entrepreneurs joining the Strawberry Earth Academy 2015. We've carefully selected nineteen experienced fashion and design professionals. Pioneers in their field. Entrepreneurs that already proved they can run a sustainable business. Without any consequences for aesthetics, creativity or quality. These are the Strawberry Earth Academy fellows that will identify the bottlenecks within their industry and to come up with solutions that can be applied sector wide:

Fellows Strawberry Earth Academy 2015 - Fashion
Afriek, Elsien Gringhuis, Kings of Indigo, KISS and TELL, L'Herbe Rouge (FR), NŌN BY KIM, OAT Shoes, People Tree (UK) and Studio JUX.


Fellows Strawberry Earth Academy 2015 - Design

Arco, Buro BELÉN, De Vorm, Eric Klarenbeek, Klaas Kuiken, Mae Engelgeer, Marjan van Aubel,Robbin Baas, Waarmakers and Weltevree.


Internationally acclaimed actress Thekla Reuten is the ambassador of the Strawberry Earth Academy. During our annual Strawberry Earth Fair on 10 and 11 October 2015 in Amsterdam will announce which idea will become reality as part of a pilot project.

A collective voice

Strawberry Earth believes in the power of pioneers. Mette te Velde, founder and director of Strawberry Earth: "Our Academy is a 'lab' for internationally acclaimed fashion and design professionals. Frontrunners of both industries will team up with research institutes and commercial partners to create sustainable innovations that can be applied sector wide. We give a collective voice to pioneers changing their industries. Strawberry Earth asks its carefully selected 'Academy fellows' to identify the bottlenecks within their industry and to come up with solutions."

Coaches and experts involved

The Strawberry Earth Academy fellows are assisted by the following coaches: Asceline Groot (ASN Bank), Bette Harms (IUCN), Christiaan Bolck (Wageningen UR), Femke van Bree (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs), Irene de Jong (ASN Bank), Jan van Dam (Wageningen UR), José Teunissen (ArtEZ Institute of the Arts), Paul Vetter (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs), Tessa Blokland (Design Academy Eindhoven) and Wijnand Broer (CREM).

Academy friends

Anne-Marie Rakhorst, sustainable entrepreneur and Strawberry Earth Academy Friend: "Doing sustainable business is something you can't do by yourself. Together you will come up with better solutions than when you operate alone. Let's team up to create sustainable innovations that can be applied sector wide. Together we can change the chains. In my role as an Academy 'friend', I will share my experiences as an entrepreneur and will make it possible that knowledge on all levels will be shared." Next to Rakhorst, the Strawberry Earth Academy has Louise Vet (Director of the NIOO, Netherlands Institute of Ecology) and Anne Mieke Eggenkamp (Former Director ArtEZ, Topteam Creative Industry) as 'friends'.

Partners of the Strawberry Earth Academy are the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, DOEN Foundation, ASN Bank, CREM, IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), Wageningen UR and the NIOO (Netherlands Institute of Ecology).