What we liked at GO Fashion Fair


What we liked at GO Fashion Fair

Charlie + Mary already listed their highlights from Amsterdam Fashion Week, today we introduce you to a few of our favourites. Brands we like, with items we like, produced in a way we like.

1. Elsien Gringhuis

Elsien maximizes the minimum. Her new collection 'Book 1 – Chapter 2' features wearable, functional and contemporary clothing with personal stories. In her campaign, the models wear their favourite pieces from the collection and tell a little bit about themselves. Kelly for example, loves to draw, listen to Joy Division while wearing Gringhuis' warm, woolen sweater.

2. Monique Poolmans

This womenswear label from Delft focuses on abstract and contemporary shapes and has a minimalistic and raw approach. The designs are geometric and characterized by the use of luxurious fabrics. Also her new collection is proudly produced in Europe and focusses on limiting the waste of materials and energy.

3. Designers Pact

Designers Pact is a changing group of designers, bound together by their urge to simply create interior products that other people crave to store in our homes. Mission accomplished. Their handcrafted tables, stoves and chairs are written down on our wish lists, and are also made with an awareness in which mankind and nature are paramount.