Soda from Amsterdam


Soda from Amsterdam

Fancy a fizzy drink? 'Amsterdams Spuitwater' (soda from Amsterdam) goes well with gin, next to a glass Merlot or simply on its own. The bottled water is free from sugars, preservatives, sweeteners and coloring agents, is locally produced and for sale from 28 January 2015!

The bottles of 'De Nieuwe Amsterdamse Spuitwaterfabriek' are already on the tables of Vinnie's Deli, Conservatorium Hotel and Foodware, where you can endlessly pour soda water next to your lunch or dinner. If you'd like to exhibit the bottles in your own home (to impress guests and to compensate cooking skills), we have some good news.

The soda water will be for sale at Sterk and Ari in Amsterdam. Ari, owner of the same named second hand interior store and initiator of De Nieuwe Amsterdamse Spuitwaterfabriek, brought this new product to the table. Our tables to be exact. Because since Ari stopped by, our office is sparkling like never before.

With a bottle like this, your house will not only look interior magazine worthy for the next couple of diners, but forever ever. Because when you're out of bubbles, you just swap your bottle for a fresh one at Sterk's or Ari's. Let's shake or stir and pour some more.