Our Academy ambassador


Our Academy ambassador

Sure, she is known as an internationally acclaimed actress from films such as 'The Dinner' and 'The American', but in addition to a rich body of on-screen work Thekla Reuten is also ambassador for both our Green Film Making Project and… the Strawberry Earth Academy!

Like many people, Thekla asked herself how she could contribute to a more sustainable world. In her role as an ambassador for the Green Film Making Project, she has been actively participating with filmmakers to green the film making industry. With the Strawberry Earth Academy she will inspire other creative industries: the fields of fashion and design!

At the Strawberry Earth Academy frontrunners of the fashion and design industries will team up with research institutes to create sustainable innovations that can be applied sector wide. Thekla: "Strawberry Earth has created a solid network of entrepreneurs that prove sustainable fashion and design can look AND do good. I am very proud to be an ambassador of frontrunners in both industries. What we label sustainable now, will become the new standard for doing business."

We couldn't agree more, Thekla.

Photography: Daniel Cohen.