Mini-workshop: woodsilk


Mini-workshop: woodsilk

Another update in Charlie+Mary's workshop series. Because it's the 'festive' season the girls are putting a new, innovative and luxurious fabric in the spotlights: woodsilk. Beautiful, strong and made out of wood pulp. You can use it as an alternative to silk (the look and feel are pretty much the same) while still looking very Christmassy.

As we all love butterflies we prefer to keep the silk worm alive. Not to mention that a wooden top is very strong and much easier to wash and handle all together. Woodsilk plays an important role in the collections of Dutch fashion label Studio JUX. JUX pretty much introduced this fabric as a sustainable alternative to silk and also came up with its name.

Woodsilk items are extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric is made of trees, and is high in moisture content compared with synthetic fabrics, that are often worn on festive occasions. This means that wood silk causes less unpleasant static electricity and is gentle to your skin.

Pieces made from woodsilk have an elegant silhouette because the fabric is very light. Because the fabric dries super fast the dryness is always maintained when wearing this fabric to your skin. Therefore wearing items made of wood silk give you a fresh and comfortable feeling.

So let's dance this Christmas night away in your beautiful woodsilk outfit. Check out this gorgeous master piece from Studio JUX for example. It's from their current winter collection and available in our concept store.