Win a lamp!


Win a lamp!

This lamp by Spruitje sheds a whole different light on the World. And on your world in particular. A brilliant lamp to make our houses bathe in natural light. And thanks to Daily Poetry, you have a good chance of winning this!

This lamp really gives you a warm-glow-feeling. When you switch it on, it does something for you. Something intangible. Something poetic…

This explains why the lamp is for sale at the poetic Daily Poetry. This creative living room breathes and spreads this feeling. It is a day-dreaming hotspot where you can work, shop, drink coffee and muse away. And, if you proceed in this wonderful world, there is always some nice accessory that you would like to take with you. As a souvenir. We chose a light especially in these dark days, and, you might have seen it coming already, this lamp can be won in this simple but fitting deal.

Mail to hello[AT] why you should win this lamp. Start 2015 luminous!

As a winner you will have to pick up the lamp yourself in Den Bosch or Eindhoven, because it cannot be sent by mail. They will then give you a short description at the spot about how to treat the lamp.

Success and shine on!

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blog for other cool stuff and win, win, win!