Charlie + Mary's Deli


Charlie + Mary's Deli

Next to their fair fashion addiction, Charlie+Mary are quite into... food. And drinks. Especially when we're travelling to London for meetings with People Tree, we find ourselves strolling around food markets and spending time in nice little cafes trying everything organic and delicious looking on the menu. When we really, really, really love some kind of ginger beer or chai tea, we can't resist bringing it to our concept store in Amsterdam. These 'Deli' products surely make great gifts under the Christmas tree!

Heart warming drinks

On a terrace at East London's Victoria Park we were sipping the best hot ginger beer we ever tasted! It was called Luscombe ginger beer. This company is based on a farm in Devon and has been making beautiful drinks since 1975. All of their drinks are crafted with exceptional care and integrity. Gabriel David, the head of the family-owned business, sources the ingredients direct from people he trusts. No compromises, only the best goes in the bottles. Later on, we also fell in love with his cooler ginger brother and this elderflower bubbly drink.

Tea time

Of course the loveliest and best tea comes from England! We stock Clipper tea, a different kind of tea company. Clipper Tea started in 1984, because founders Mike and Lorraine, master tasters, believed the UK was drinking cup after cup of poor quality tea. They wanted to share their love of great teas with everybody, with the promise that every ingredient had been ethically sourced and naturally produced. And they kept their promise! Clipper is always Natural, Fair and Delicious.

Raising the (chocolate) bar

For the best chocolate we didn't have to cross the ocean. Tony's Chocolonely is based in Amsterdam. It's super mouthwatering, dangerously addictive chocolate, but also chocolate with an important mission. They're determined to change the chocolate chain, and not just a little bit. Tony's Chocolonely believes they can transform the global chocolate trade into a 100% slave-free industry. By raising the bar, and showing the way to go, Tony hopes to inspire other chocolate makers. Plenty of reasons to eat as much chocolate as you can - go Tony!

Hungry for more?

We also stock the beautiful bottles of delicious Elixia in our assortment and... there's much more goodness to come. Keep an eye on our 'Deli section' and... bon appetit! 

Illustration: Katt Frank