Local heroes #2


Local heroes #2

One of the things Charlie+Mary love about their work is that they're always surrounded by inspiring people. Last weekend for example they teamed up with the people from The Coffeevine for a pop-up event. But the girls also stock great products made with lots of love by Amsterdam based people and companies.

Maartje van den Noort
We've been stocking illustrated postcards by Maartje van den Noort almost since we opened the Charlie + Mary store. Her lovely postcards feature drawings of birds and are printed on recycled paper. Use them to say hi to a friend or... hang them on your own wall.

The minimalistic wooden design lamps, crafted from local Amsterdam trees by our office buddies Waarmakers, are stocked in our shop too. Ninebyfour is made from Stadshout; salvaged wood from Amsterdam trees. Sick trees, or trees that had to give way to younger, healthier trees. Luckily the geographical coordinates of the tree are stamped on the product, so you can find its roots by simply entering these coordinates in Google. Waarmakers uses energy efficient Philips LED light tubes. Read the whole ninebyfour story here.

O My Bag
Even our favourite bag label is based in Amsterdam. Made from a unique kind of eco-leather, an O My Bag is a leather bag that you can flaunt without guilt. It's also a bag that gives people the chance for a better life. In the area of Kolkata, India, every O My Bag is created in the safe & positive atmosphere of fair trade production facilities, where fair wages and benefits are paid. Also education and training is offered, and women are given equal opportunities to work.

Annabel Huisman
Ever since we've met her we are big fans of the work of local artist Annabel Huisman. This girl can sing and paint. She makes the most beautiful illustrations. She did the drawings of the book from our own label Harry and the illustrations from her series 'Girls with sweaters and boys' will be shining on our shop walls.

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Illustrations: Annabel Huisman