Win a pair of shorts!


Win a pair of shorts!

WIN this pair of shorts and go to a pyjama party! Or seduce your partner to join you in bed. You can spend evenings on the couch in horizontal positions and in summer you can enjoy a barbecue in style. But above all, you can WIN this pair of shorts from Unterprotection via KooS72!

These satin shorts, made from bamboo, are dip dyed with colours flowing from bordeaux to grey. Just what you need with all December sweets coming up!

You've may noticed that KooS72 doesn't select ordinary clothing. All pretty things are being made from natural materials, with decomposable colours and in honest labor conditions, which makes it extra hard to say 'no' to your wallet. Especially because KooS72 is located in Urban Shopper. This former factory hall from Philips, is today the home of twenty unique shops where you can get yourself a new haircut, kimono or cup of coffee.

Speaking of drinking coffee: that's another thing you could do in Underprotection's shorts. We'd like to hear which activity you want to do while wearing this minimal piece of clothing. Write it down or take a picture and mail hello[AT] to have a shot at winning. You'll receive it in an awesome KooS72 tote bag. Go shorty!

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blogfor other cool stuff and win, win, win!