Mini workshop - organic wool


Mini workshop - organic wool

Baby, it's getting cold outside. It's about time to update our wardrobe with some more wintery warm styles. Our favourite fabric to wear in winter is wool. Organic wool, that is.

With organic wool the entire production process - from cleaning until the dyeing of the wool - is clean. Organic wool keeps us warm in winter, while at the same time taking care of our planet and sheep.

Organic wool suppliers don't use any synthetic inputs; instead sustainable farming practices are being used. The wool is washed in organic biodegradable detergent without any use of chemicals. Lots of attention is paid to the health of the sheep as well: the use of hormones is prohibited, even as mulesing; a horrible surgical task that involves the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech (buttocks) of a sheep.

One of the brands Charlie+Mary stock, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, calls the wool they are using 'Happy sheep wool' as it builds on organic and animal welfare. This great jacquard knit jumper for example. Check out our online wool section to see what else is made from organic wool and get yourself ready for a happy winter!

Illustration: Jacques Hnizdovsky