An Interesting concept...


An Interesting concept...

I'd heard whispers about how popular Notting Hill's Wolf & Badger concept store was, so I paid them a visit yesterday :-)

The idea at W&B is not completely traditional, they rent out shelf and hanger space to young and independent fashion designers. As part of the deal, the fashion designers benefit from business advice and get to keep 90% of all sales (with the remaining 10% for W&B). The store is in a lovely neighbourhood and has designers queuing up to join (we're told) so the model seems to be working.

I'm particularly happy that ethical designers were well represented in the store: a suit from my favourite UK based designer Lu Flux was hanging in the window and beautiful hand crafted and sustainable slippers from Swedish/Spanish designer Linda del Rio were also in prime position.

Is there a store with a similar concept in your neighbourhood?