Win a night on COCO-MAT!


Win a night on COCO-MAT!

Yawn! We have a terribly sleep-inducing promotion this week. A stay in the Faralda Crane Hotel from Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 October, where you'll comfortably sink into a lovely COCO-MAT bed. What's more, there will be two COCO-MAT bikes waiting outside itching to cycle you to the nearby Strawberry Earth Fair and you're welcome to join us for a Hangover Breakfast on Sunday. Yeeha! So that means celebrating, cycling ánd a special night! Are we awake yet?!

Before you can lay yourself down on these infinitely divine beds, elevated high above Mother Earth this time, it is good to know what you are nestling in. Well then, you are sleeping on a COCO-MAT 4-layerbed. This means:

  • a bed mattress; ergonomic bottom with natural rubber and coconut fiber
  • a mattress made of cactus fiber and seagrass with a healing effect
  • a top mattress made of natural rubber
  • and a luxurious extra goose down top layer

Combined this ensures the perfect sleeping position for you and your fragile loved one. COCO-MAT beds are made of natural materials from sustainable sources, such as coconut fibres, natural rubber, wool, cotton, sea grass, horse hair, silk, linen, wood and goose down. And, crossing our Strawberry hearts, it feels lovely!

Are you wondering whether there will be a pea under all these mattress layers? There is, but such a tiny one even princesses won't be bothered by it. To make this heavenly night yours, this is what you do:

You are going to stay the night, so what do you bring? Take a cool picture of this and twitter or instagram it with #SEfair14.

Good luck and sweet dreams!

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blog for other cool stuff and win, win, win!