Very Berry People no. 6


Very Berry People no. 6

A familiar face in coffee bar Berry. Roemer often stops by for a chat with Tiemen, to illustrate chickens on the windows (and the walls of our HQ), to play a game of Risk, to work a bit ons his laptop and to drink a cappuccino, obviously.

We could write a book called The striking stories of Roemer Overdiep, because of all his adventures. Roemer went to Africa where not malaria, but the meds made him hallucinate, he watched over Yves Saint Lourent’s mansion in Morocco and moved to a house on a Greek island that was offered in a contact ad…

He came back to Groningen where he turned a dad, built a houseboat from a football canteen, gave painting lessons to kids in the neighbourhood, revealed the secrets of coffee roasting with his brand Lewis & Lovack, started designing clothing, helped companies with their rebranding and designed furniture with Henkmade.

Woa, did this guy lost focus? Nah. Roemer just loves to do it all. His favourite things are the activities that make him forget about time. We can imagine his life flies by.

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