Nuts about coconuts


Nuts about coconuts

What are you bringing to a summer barbecue? Coconut water, quinoa salad with coconut flakes and... coconut coals as a fire starter!

We’re all about coconuts. They are not only healthy and delicious, but also a great alternative to charcoal. With coconut coals less trees are chopped down, your barbecue produces less smoke, the food tastes better and you help to reduce waste.

These coals are made from barks of coconuts. Something we don’t need when drinking a glass of coconut water or eating a quinoa salad. Jeroen Janssen discovered this great find in Indonesia, named it BAST and wants to bring it to the market.

Support this crowd funding campaign (only 10 days left) & go coco loco.

Illustration: Bouffants & Broken Hearts