Jan-Eef is hijacked!


Jan-Eef is hijacked!

Breaking: pop-up shop Jan-Eef has been hijacked! They took the whole store to an empty book shop in the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam. The shop will move every three months to occupy abandoned places in the city under their new name: Gekaapt (Hijacked).

What to get at Gekaapt? Lamps, crutches and lockers from Brut Amsterdam. Brut collects furniture from fabrics that now can work their magic in your house. The sweaters from Geiten Wollen Shirts are very soft and made under just as cuddly circumstances.

What also has been hijacked, are the wonderful items by Vlinder & Vogel. In their flowerlab, they plant flowers into laboratory attributes. Test tubes for example. The treasure room from Doing Goods features souvenirs from all over the world, looking for a new home.

Not bad either: Gekaapt also pours organic tea and bakes toast for hungry souls. Already on your bike now? Hush, before all pretty things have been snatched. Don’t forget to bring your wallet, your mother raised you right.