Let’s go to KooS 72


Let’s go to KooS 72

The paint is still wet, the clothing just unboxed and the owners are more than excited: KooS 72 is open. Eindhoven now owns two fresh entrepreneurs and a brand new boutique with Studio JUX, Underprotection, L'Herbe Rouge and People Tree.

What used to be a factory hall from Philips, is today the location from Urban Shopper. A walhalla with twenty unique shops. At Urban Shopper, you can get yourself a new haircut, kimono or cup of coffee. And since two weeks pretty stuff from our favourite labels too.

KooS 72 is the store from Sophie Gordeijns and Kathelijn Brouwers. One is theatre teacher, the other a medical doctor. Multi talents connected by their love for clothing that is made with organic cotton, decomposable colours and in honest labor conditions.

You can bring home KooS 72's beautiful pieces in their own tote bag. We give away ten of these bags! Mail hello[AT]strawberryearth.com and tell us what else there is to get in Eindhoven.

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blogfor other cool stuff and win, win, win!