A hotel for all


A hotel for all

Volkshotel just opened! A place for single moms and stockbrokers. Punk rockers and poets. Dandies and dishwashers. All folks are welcome to hang, eat, sleep, work, dance or bathe on the roof terrace.

The former building of newspaper Volkskrant turned into a hotel, breeding place, club, flexible workspace, restaurant and spa. Not only a nice visit for tourists, we picture ourselves there typing on our machines, watching a soccer match or moon dancing on their green roof terrace.

Yes, at Volkshotel you find a hotchpotch of humans, but also a lot of plants and animals. The guys from Dakdokters surely assembled a lively roof. There are herb gardens and bees hotels. We understand where the buzz is about.

Next to looking ridiculously good, the roof mutes sounds, filters creepy dusts and lasts for at least forty years. Hurrah: we all can enjoy meals, beats and pajama party's at Volkshotel for a long, long time.