Coffee at The Proud Otter


Coffee at The Proud Otter

The Proud Otter, the coffee boutique in the back of Charlie + Mary, has moved! Come over for a coffee. And bring your love, dad or holiday sweetheart, because The Proud Otter treats 3 x 2 lucky birds to coffee and cake.

In the most intimate part of Amsterdam, The Red Light District, you now can find everything you're looking for. Whether you want home made granola, a pretty necklace or a beautiful magazine, The Proud Otter has it all.

Young entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood are represented. The carrot cake and elderberry syrup comes from Streep, the coffee from Stadsbranderij Noord, the literal magazines from Das Magazin, the jewelry from All Things We Like and the tanktops from grandpa Harry.

Dollebegijnensteeg seven, here we come! To have a shot of winning this coffee and cake break for two, you just have to mail hello[AT] Put on Animal Planet in the background, because you have to tell us some funny fact about otters too.

Image: Martijn Petrus for Goodbye Horses issue 5

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blog for other cool stuff and win, win, win!