Power to the plants


Power to the plants

Remember the 500 strawberry plants that have been spread in different districts in Antwerp? Project AIRbezen has measured the amount of fine dust on the leafs and guess what: the results of their air quality investigation just came in.

The biggest news? Who lives insides the city ring, isn’t more exposed to traffic pollution than somebody who lives in the adjacent districts. But: the higher you live, the less you’re exposed to nasty dusts.

Antwerp exists of a few main thoroughfares. The amount of fine dust is bigger close to these thoroughfares. But because there’s traffic inside the entire city, you can’t speak of areas that are more polluted than others.

Traffic pollution stays a big concern for cities. What we can do with these results is: walking, biking and taking public transport as much as we can. Ventilating our houses by opening the windows when it’s not raining. Easy does it.

By the way: this project really proved strawberries are super qualified as measuring stations. Power to the plants!

Illustration: Jorey Hurley