Fair Fashion Workshop


Fair Fashion Workshop

There's a Fashion Festival in... Paris? Milano? No, from June 1st - July 6th fashion will dominate the summer in our own fashion capital Arnhem. Attend the Night of Fashion, stock sales and a fair fashion workshop!

On June 19th Awearness Fashion connects students, teachers, designers, producers and many more people in the workshop ‘Fair Fashion - What can you do?’ The workshop introduces you to inspiring pioneers and, obviously, things you could do to green your business.

Oh Arnhem, we’re coming for ya.

What? Workshop ‘Fair Fashion - What can you do?’
Where? Arnhem Modeincubator, Spoorsingel 147
When? June 19th from 19.30 to 21.30
¿Cuenta cuesta? Entrance is free. Reserve a spot via info[AT]awearness-fashion.nl

Illustration: Becca Stadtlander