Win Itchy Feet tickets


Win Itchy Feet tickets

Feel like going somewhere that will definitely take your hat off? Itchy feet is a new phenomenon in the form of a festival experiment. The creators of this event want to generate a temporary society based on freedom, art, music, spirituality and creativity. Holy Mother of Berry! We are so going to go there! You want to come along?

All is possible and all is allowed from 5 till 8 September at Itchy Feet. The Itchy Feet society will run on as few rules as possible. So you may pitch your tent, park camper home or indeed tie up your boat .... anywhere you like.

The Itchy Feet founders have taken the first move by taking care of the basic infrastructure. Visitors will determine the rest of the activities and programming for these three days. Do you want to develop your own activity? Check the community which is filling up with ideas as we speak.

Because about all is possible at Itchy Feet, you may let your mind run free. Want to go there for free? Think of ways to add value to this festival by contributing captivating ideas. Tip: watch this video for inspiration. Entries before 16 June will be contemplated by a creative Strawberry-jury. Mail them to hello[AT]

See you there!

Illustration: Masami Akatsuka

Shoot! Unfortunately you can not participate anymore. Keep an eye on our blog for other cool stuff and win, win, win!