The clothing library


The clothing library

Got nothing to wear? De Kledingbibliotheek (clothing library) in Utrecht is opening soon. Lend a sweater, coat, tutu or anything else you need for a roaring twenties party, five-course dinner or job interview. Hurray: libraries are not only for J.K. Rowling books anymore.

De Kledingbibliotheek has around 600 kilo's of secondhand clothing from Humana. Young designers from Utrecht spiced up the pieces to make them look brand new and terribly handsome.

You can get a subscription to lend clothes every month or a strip ticket when you're not in Utrecht that often. A great way to buy less clothing, but still look extraordinary.

Yuhu, after books, cars and holiday homes we are now sharing our pieces of fabrics too. Less is more after all, except when it comes to looove.

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Psst II: Ready for more library love? LENA the fashion library, an initiative by Doortje Vintage, is opening in Amsterdam this October.

Illustration by Hee Yeon Kim